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With the passing of medical marijuana throughout several states patients are now able to find dispensaries in their area to pick up their recommended prescriptions. Is there a cannabis dispensary near you? There are probably a good amount of medical marijuana dispensaries near you and some may even be open late. I can check out Weedmaps and find those medical weed dispensaries near me and you can find local recreational dispensaries near you.
In case you do not know what a medical dispensary is, it’s a type of store where an item is dispensed such as Medical Marijuana.  With the passing of prop P in 1991, the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers club opened in 1992 and was the first public marijuana dispensary.
These dispensaries or weed shops have a vast variety of Medical Marijuana to fit all their patient’s needs. Do you prefer flower, marijuana concentrates, edibles infused with THC, cannabis extractions, CBD oil, or perhaps a medicated THC or CBD topical? Don’t worry you are not alone in the decision making, each dispensary has employees to help.  The budtenders as they are referred to by most can help you pick out exactly what will work for your condition.
 They are very knowledgeable about the medical marijuana products that they dispense to patients with their prop 215 recommendation card and recreational cannabis users. For example, if you prefer to not smoke you can try an edible or a smokeless option and healthier chose of a vaporizer. Perhaps you prefer flower (weed) but don’t exactly know what type of strain you would need. I mean, do you need a stavia, or an indica or maybe you may need a hybrid of both a sativa or indica.  Whatever your medical condition requires a budtender can help you choose the right medical marijuana option for you in a dispensary.
Now, let’s think for a minute, you may not have an issue with getting to the cannabis dispensary, but what about that patient who can’t go to a medical marijuana dispensary, what are their choices?  Have you ever sat down and reflected on if you had no means to get to a dispensary. What if your condition took away some of the privileges most have, such as driving? Those Medical Marijuana patients who suffer from epilepsy may not be able to drive, or some may be elderly or weak.  How about patients that are in severe pain and can’t get out of bed?
You see that’s where delivery services come into play. You can buy real weed online through these delivery services for your medical condition. These services provide exactly what a marijuana dispensary can, the only difference is they bring your medical cannabis that you order online or via the telephone to your door. You can still get assistance when you place your order it’s just not face to face.  Those that are affected by illnesses that keep them in bed, or do not have the means or knowledge to grow their allotted amount of plants depend on dispensaries that deliver legal weed you buy online.  Even when you buy recreational weed online it can be delivered to you.
Dispensaries that offer delivery services such as Dab Delivery can help many patients get their recommended prescriptions as well as recreational users. These delivery services give patients another option, a more discrete and beneficial option to obtain their recommended prescriptions.
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