Cannabis and Crystal Gemstone Pipes could enhance your intuition organically

Crystals have been around for a long time since ancient times. People have believed in the healing powers of crystals to help with spiritual healing. They are used for healing and meditation.
Every crystal is different, from size, beauty and uses. Its said that you should choose a crystal that you are attracted to or drawn too.  “Different crystals have different energies and properties, and between them can affect mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of ourselves” Almond, Brett.
Beginners guide to crystals and crystal healing”
 Amethyst can assist in calming the mind, helps with inner peace and can enhance your intuition. Clear Quartz, which enhances all areas of the body can provide awareness and clarity in thinking.  Hence why many cannabis smokers have now found natural healing crystal pipes such as the ones pictured. I mean, what better way to clear your mind and enhance your intuition then smoking some weed through a crystal.
Another use for magic crystals is to place them in the surrounding soil with your grow. Plants and Crystals are known to connect well with each other and may improve the health and growth of your plant. Or perhaps you can charge your buds by placing them in the same jar as your crystals. Let’s remember these crystals are unique just like every individual, everyone’s experience will be different. The user needs to be open to the energy of the crystals. Relax, inhale and clear your mind to receive positive vibes and clear thinking.