How to save money by grinding weed


If you not growing your own home-grown cannabis, being a “cannabis connoisseur” can be quite an expensive sport! Any cannabis enthusiast will spend money on his tools of the trade and have a weed grinder in your arsenal is one of your most important assets and save you money.

There are many ways to skin a nugget of the finest marijuana, you can chop it, slice it, or grind it. Using your fingers is a definite no, no. It is by far the worst way to sort your cannabis for smoking, a lot of the trichomes will end up on your sticky fingers and a few of the trichomes left over on the buds will be tarnished. You want to collect as many trichomes as possible, so touch the cannabis as little as possible with your hands, in the long run, you will have a more potent cannabis toke.

Grinding your cannabis buds simply cuts down your flowers to size and increases the surface area of the cannabis matter for burning, allowing for an even and cleaner smoke. Grinders come in many shapes and sizes, investing in a good quality metal grinder with 2 or more chambers is one of the best investments and can last you several decades. The best brands of grinders are specifically designed to split your flowers into a good smoke and prevent joints, bongs, and other marijuana paraphernalia from clogging up.

Starting off by using scissors to remove the cannabis flowers from the stem is a good measure, you don’t want stems, leaves, or seeds in your shredded cannabis flowers. Place the cut of buds in the top chambers teeth, put the lid on, and slowly start turning the two halves of the grinder. Within a minute the cannabis buds should be shredded. If you are using a grinder with one or more chambers the herb falls into the chamber below. Your buds should be evenly shredded and ready to put into your favorite smoking device.

If you invested in a grinder with two or more chambers you will have an added benefit. The bottom chamber usually has a fine screen that only allows the small trichomes to fall through and after a couple grinds of herb, you will start noticing a build-up of “kief” or dry-sift hash. You can use this hash for your vaporizer, bong or lightly sprinkle some on your cannabis mix for a stronger smoke.

Once can put full cannabis flowers in vaporizers, but it’s not recommended. Again you want a bigger surface area for maximum impact. Vaporizers generally require a finer ground cannabis mix, so using a plastic single chamber grinder is not recommended as the cannabis is not shredded to a good consistency.

In conclusion, investing in a good quality grinder will save you money in the short and long run. You won’t spend time with clogged up paraphernalia or joints going out cause they are being blocked by big chunks of dense buds. Good smoking.


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The Adventures Of Scott Troubles.

Stoner Squad I got a real special treat for you guys today, The Adventures Of Scott Troubles This is the perfect 420 show to watch during a quick sesh or later Lit Af. Follow Scott Troubles along as life hits hard and takes him from a plush 9-5 gig to a life of finessin and juggin hitting licks to get by something we can all relate to enjoy the first 8 episodes below and stay tuned for new episodes as they release









EP- 9

How to Buy legal Cannabis online with accessible dispensaries that delivery | $KPD

With the passing of medical marijuana throughout several states patients are now able to find dispensaries in their area to pick up their recommended prescriptions. Is there a cannabis dispensary near you? There are probably a good amount of medical marijuana dispensaries near you and some may even be open late. I can check out Weedmaps and find those medical weed dispensaries near me and you can find local recreational dispensaries near you.
In case you do not know what a medical dispensary is, it’s a type of store where an item is dispensed such as Medical Marijuana.  With the passing of prop P in 1991, the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers club opened in 1992 and was the first public marijuana dispensary.
These dispensaries or weed shops have a vast variety of Medical Marijuana to fit all their patient’s needs. Do you prefer flower, marijuana concentrates, edibles infused with THC, cannabis extractions, CBD oil, or perhaps a medicated THC or CBD topical? Don’t worry you are not alone in the decision making, each dispensary has employees to help.  The budtenders as they are referred to by most can help you pick out exactly what will work for your condition.
 They are very knowledgeable about the medical marijuana products that they dispense to patients with their prop 215 recommendation card and recreational cannabis users. For example, if you prefer to not smoke you can try an edible or a smokeless option and healthier chose of a vaporizer. Perhaps you prefer flower (weed) but don’t exactly know what type of strain you would need. I mean, do you need a stavia, or an indica or maybe you may need a hybrid of both a sativa or indica.  Whatever your medical condition requires a budtender can help you choose the right medical marijuana option for you in a dispensary.
Now, let’s think for a minute, you may not have an issue with getting to the cannabis dispensary, but what about that patient who can’t go to a medical marijuana dispensary, what are their choices?  Have you ever sat down and reflected on if you had no means to get to a dispensary. What if your condition took away some of the privileges most have, such as driving? Those Medical Marijuana patients who suffer from epilepsy may not be able to drive, or some may be elderly or weak.  How about patients that are in severe pain and can’t get out of bed?
You see that’s where delivery services come into play. You can buy real weed online through these delivery services for your medical condition. These services provide exactly what a marijuana dispensary can, the only difference is they bring your medical cannabis that you order online or via the telephone to your door. You can still get assistance when you place your order it’s just not face to face.  Those that are affected by illnesses that keep them in bed, or do not have the means or knowledge to grow their allotted amount of plants depend on dispensaries that deliver legal weed you buy online.  Even when you buy recreational weed online it can be delivered to you.
Dispensaries that offer delivery services such as Dab Delivery can help many patients get their recommended prescriptions as well as recreational users. These delivery services give patients another option, a more discrete and beneficial option to obtain their recommended prescriptions.
Article information sources:

How to get bigger buds during flowering indoors | $KPD

As a patient in accordance with prop 215 and unfortunately living in a city that does not allow delivery or dispensaries and being that I have severe anxiety when I leave my house growing is my only option. I actually have to grow my allowed yield. Guess what? I had no clue where to start or what to do.  Have you ever tried growing?  Do you love growing? You’re going to laugh but I remember sitting in my office thinking,

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary

How does your garden grow?”

I started out by looking online for tips and tricks and a friend referred me to a grow bible which is a guide for growing and it was free so that was a plus for me, I mean who doesn’t like free. After reading this grow bible and referencing it quite often,  I started feeling like Mary because my garden was growing, but I had help and I’ll explain about that a little later.  Let’s first get started, with a few things you should know or need to  find out :

Your budget

Your grow space

With either a space in your house or a garden in your backyard, you can grow your own cannabis.  There are a few essentials that your cannabis plant will need to develop
  1. Water, cannabis like other plants need water in order to survive.
  2. Light, You will either be using grow lights or sunlight, however in order to get the best quality yields you need to understand the need of light.
  3. Temperature, obviously if you are growing outside in your garden it may be hard to control the temp. Just remember that if it’s too hot for you it’s likely too hot for your plant.
  4. Growing Medium, what will your plants be grown in? soil or cheap hydro kit or soilless mix.
  5. Air- Make sure your space is well ventilated with a slight breeze or inline fan with Carbon Filter.
  6. Nutrients – you can buy nutrients to help increase your yield with huge dense buds

Now remember I said I had some help with growing my cannabis, not only was the bible very helpful but I love giving my plants organic nutrients.  I used the flower power starter package. This helped increase yield. It provides adequate ratios of potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. It’s the perfect balance of necessary components for a great harvest. It also reduces soil erosion by protecting against the consumption of rain and sun. These nutrients will enhance the health of your plants by strengthening your root growth.

Now you can’t grow big buds indoors without kush seeds, so when I went looking for the right seeds, I wanted something fruity. Flavors are always great and it’s what I prefer, I went with the fruity Mixpack.  I’m not the only one that enjoys these seeds, Micheal Greenfingers wrote “Easy to grow. Had 100% germination, no issues, and beautiful plants. Heavy crop of well-formed buds which are dense and sticky. Smells like strawberry jam.”

One of the first things you need to figure out is your budget and if you are on a small budget you might want to look into the complete marijuana seed and grow set for beginners.  I have to recommend this set. It made growing my cannabis easy. If it wasn’t for this set I’d still be scratching my head wondering where do I begin.

Now that I gave you some basics as to where to begin and what you need, good luck, may you grow quality buds to your liking and be a future “Dr. Green thumb”.


Lets roll, a Fast easy way to Roll Up The Perfect Doobie. | How to use Raw Cone Rolling Machine

 RAW Rolling Paper, Tips, Roller and Hemp Wick with Grinder and Storage Container
Not sure if you are like me but I never learned to roll a joint when I was younger so here I am almost 37 years old and  I’m clueless when it comes to rolling a joint the song “rolling with the homies” (get it clueless I know I just dated myself) is  the only time I smoke a joint, why, because the homie is there to roll one for me. Yes, I’m that friend that will ask you to roll. Rolling a Doobie is not my expertise and I would buy a pre-roll if I wanted one.
Being that I enjoy a joint rather than a bowl it’s rather frustrating that I could never figure out how to roll on my own.
RAW Classic Lean Size Pure Hemp Pre-Rolled Cones With Filter
 Believe me I tried and unfortunately, I just couldn’t get it. I still try every once in awhile when  I don’t have a pre roll available.
Thankfully I came across a Raw rolling machine, which is a machine that is used to roll cannabis or other products into joints.  Now I know some prefer to roll by hand and that’s good, but if you are unable to roll like me then one of these will come in handy when you need it.
Raw Rolling Machine
Grab your flower, hemp papers and your roll machine and follow these simple steps:

How to use a Joint Roller

  • Open your rolling machine and insert your Raw Filter Tips. Raw Rolling Papers Filter Tips
  • Load up some of the Dankest Nug you can get your hands on.
  • Close the rolling machine
  • Roll your paper in by continuing to roll towards you.RAW Organic 300 Rolling Papers
  • Stop before rolling it all the way in – remember you need a  little sticking out so that you can lick it.
  • Now roll it in the rest of the way, giving it a few more rolls.
  • Open it up, You just rolled yourself a joint!
Get Raw Rolling MachineA bud tender at my local dispensaries said that roll machines are great when you need to roll a specific number of joints. No matter how many I need to roll whether it be one joint or 100 joints the rolling machine is exactly what I use. There’s no reason to worry about not being able to roll a joint there are many solutions out there. As long as you have the right papers a grinder and your roll machine you will be rolling for your smoke buddies next session.



How i Lowered my Type 2 diabetes blood sugar with Medical Marijuana Over Night

The majority of us have all heard the benefits of Medical Marijuana. It has helped many of those diagnosed with cancer by putting their symptoms at ease. Providing some with an appetite so they can eat, subdue their nausea from treatment. How about those that suffer from seizures and are now able to have a quality of life because of Medical Marijuana. 
Well, guess what, what would you think if I told you Medical Marijuana can help those with diabetes. Say what!? Yes, I know your probably thinking I’m crazy and have no clue what I’m writing about. I was a skeptic at first too. You see I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes back in 2013, It sucked I was actually in denial, the medication I was on at the time Metformin made leaving my house difficult. How so you ask? I spent most of my day on the toilet. So I was none compliant with my meds, I didn’t like the fact that my toilet was starting to be my new best friend.
As a mother of 2 children I realized that if I continued to not treat my diabetes, I would eventually miss out on their life. So I went back to the doctor and back on meds, different meds.  By now the tolls of uncontrolled diabetes had started to affect me, my feet hurt so bad, I was in constant pain and I could not sleep. I was given some CBD infused creme to rub on my feet for the pain. This creme was like magic my pain subsided and I was able to actually get more sleep. I then decided to research Medical Marijuana and diabetes which led me to several articles of research done on this very topic. Medical Marijuana can lower blood sugar levels.
So why not try something natural? I’ve already been trying these prescription drugs that just seem to give me more complications than when I started. Whats the worse that can happen, my blood sugar doesn’t go down? Then I’ll start back and find another treatment.   Now don’t go off your meds, because of my experience do your research, I’m not a physician or healthcare worker. I’m a diabetic patient fed up with corporate pharmaceutical companies and their pills making me sicker.
Now before you inhale, check out your state law,  The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis website gives an overview the particular laws in each state, here:
If you need a medical card this is the online service I used, fast and easy
Now, are you ready for my results? Taking a prescribed med in the am  30 minutes before my meal would result in fasting blood sugars of 212-238. Now some of you are probably thinking, “wow that’s still high” yep but not for me, you see my levels were 290 to 385, remember I said I was uncontrolled. So here is my research, my results from Medical Marijuana. After a day of my normal diet, which includes regular soda, don’t  judge me. No medications were taken. I smoked half a joint, which is my method of choice. My fasting blood sugar the next morning was 151, what the …?? I couldn’t believe it, I texted my mom, my blood sugar is 151!! its actually in the 100’s.
So let me explain why this was exciting for me. In the past, I had tested my sugars at 2:30 am (remember I couldn’t sleep) and they’d  be 212. Then when I would wake up again at 7:30 am my sugar would be 270, I would have spikes in the night while I slept, WTF? right? So getting a blood sugar of 151 was amazing for me. According to Murray Mittleman, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and the lead researcher, he told TIME magazine, “The most important finding is that current users of marijuana appeared to have better carbohydrate metabolism than nonusers. Their fasting insulin levels were lower, and they appeared to be less resistant to the insulin produced by their body to maintain a normal blood-sugar level,”   My fasting levels were much lower. Like I said before don’t stop all your medication, do your research.  Please check out a few of the articles I read. Stay healthy and hopefully a cure is on its way.

Best Automatic Rosin Presses for Home or Commercial use

We have recently reached a milestone in the cannabis evolution, and not everyone is noticing. There is an affordable, safe and effective way to extract cannabis concentrates for personal or commercial use. Its called Rosin.


Rosin is a fairly new trending word on cannabis connoisseurs lips, and the “Rosin Revolution” has just begun. The cannabis market has always been innovative and development of extraction techniques has also evolved, literally exploding since 2013. A market force of consumer demand for high-quality cannabis concentrates is directing this revolution. Rosin extraction is setting new benchmarks when it comes to cost, potency, safety, and of course taste for hash oils.
There are many ways to make concentrates, some of the older more popular methods are BHO (Butane Hash Oil), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and Alcohol. These methods have seen their heyday since Rosin has been discovered in cannabis culture. Now Rosin is accelerating organically past with its many benefits from start to a finished product.

Benefits of Rosin:

An initial investment of an extraction facility is one of the main limiting factors getting involved in a trending niche market. Ranging from $50000 to over $600000 for a setup, it still requires a lot of skills, safety precautions, all requiring money to maintain. Rosin requires as little as $500 outlay to invest in your future cannabis oil needs.
Significantly less start-up costs than other extraction methods, you can start processing your cannabis material into concentrate immediately while profiting using the rosin technique. Rosin requires no specialized scientific or engineering skills further reducing your ongoing costs. You will spend less time learning the skills necessary to compete with the master concentrate extractors.
One can expect yields between 5% and 30% net weight, depending on the quality of your source material. With Rosin being a fairly new technology, profit margins are still high and being a safer, healthy and profitable alternative converting to Rosin extraction could be your best decision yet.


Once you have smoked and experienced the flavors and aroma’s with a clear high you will be wanting more of Rosin. Extraction is all-natural and less harsh on the cannabinoids and terepenes. This allows for a quality final product which the market is demanding and steering towards.

Rosin concentrates are 100% solvent free, which eliminates the use of volatile solvents such as Butane. We have all heard shocking stories of “ BHO labs” exploding which is due to the use of a flammable accelerator being used. Butane is a flammable and volatile substance, and both novices and professionals have all made terrible mistakes. So not only does Rosin allow for a safer final product but also a much safer working environment.


Rosin is a simple method, it’s a mechanical process of heat ,and using either manual, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure. Commercially available presses are designed giving you peace of mind when processing solvent-less hash oils. It’s straightforward to make your own concentrate at home using some parchment paper and your friend’s hair iron, but this is not recommended. You may ask, why? Cannabinoids are very sensitive to heat and you don’t want to have a substandard experience, so don’t use a hair iron.

Rosin makes it easy, you do not need a scientific background to get involved. Let us review leading-edge technology that has been designed and developed for the purpose of cannabinoid extraction at affordable prices both for the home or commercial user:

1.Tarik Rosin

T-Rex 3 by Tarik Rosin has been developed over months and launched middle of 2017.This press was designed for cost, portability and simplicity. An all-in-one press with an enail so you can extract and smoke from the same box.
“A really simple process, really easy to use. And very economical aswell” – Tarik


2. Nug Smasher
The Nugmasher Pro is a top of the line beast of a machine. Dual and precise temperature controls and a gauge to measure the exact pressure. 20 tons of pneumatic or manual pressure you will be pressing grams of fresh oils in no time.


3. Honey Habit
The Honey Habit mini pneumatic press is an all-in-one press with an enail. Dual heated plates allow for better control of your process, and heating of plates only takes a minute or so to reach your ideal temperature. Portable and affordable this press provides an efficient way to extract your cannabis matter into concentrates


Cannabis is versatile, effective and safe and one may conclude Rosin is the perfect partner. I hope to see more development in this niche extract market in the coming years to make it more accessible and widely accepted standard of concentrates. I have outlined many reasons why cannabis enthusiasts are turning to Rosin, with all new things I still wonder if Rosin will remain a cottage industry or develop into a mainstream method of delivering A-grade cannabis concentrates. One thing for certain, Rosin is here to stay.



Cannabis and Crystal Gemstone Pipes could enhance your intuition organically

Crystals have been around for a long time since ancient times. People have believed in the healing powers of crystals to help with spiritual healing. They are used for healing and meditation.
Every crystal is different, from size, beauty and uses. Its said that you should choose a crystal that you are attracted to or drawn too.  “Different crystals have different energies and properties, and between them can affect mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of ourselves” Almond, Brett.
Beginners guide to crystals and crystal healing”
 Amethyst can assist in calming the mind, helps with inner peace and can enhance your intuition. Clear Quartz, which enhances all areas of the body can provide awareness and clarity in thinking.  Hence why many cannabis smokers have now found natural healing crystal pipes such as the ones pictured. I mean, what better way to clear your mind and enhance your intuition then smoking some weed through a crystal.
Another use for magic crystals is to place them in the surrounding soil with your grow. Plants and Crystals are known to connect well with each other and may improve the health and growth of your plant. Or perhaps you can charge your buds by placing them in the same jar as your crystals. Let’s remember these crystals are unique just like every individual, everyone’s experience will be different. The user needs to be open to the energy of the crystals. Relax, inhale and clear your mind to receive positive vibes and clear thinking.

#1 Marijuana THC Booster: See How you can Double Your Yield with this Miracle in Organic Cannabis Cultivation!


Growing marijuana is not for the weak at heart because it’s a practice that can often lead you to
pull your hair out in frustration. Of course, it doesn’t ever get that bad, but if you have
experienced lower than expected yields, unhealthy plants, or loose, airy buds, then you know
what we’re talking about. You never want to put so much work into a project and then get a
small return on your investment, but that’s often the nature of marijuana growing. Over the
years, many growers have claimed to perfect the science of marijuana growing, but those claims
are dubious at best.

Additionally, many products that purport to provide a surefire way to grow marijuana and grow
it well often leave people scratching their heads. So, it would certainly be no surprise to us if you
thought the new Marijuana Booster fertilizer program was another in a long line of ineffective
options. Fortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, most of Marijuana Booster’s
claims have panned out particularly well for many users. The program says that it can do all of
the following:

  • Provide proper nutrient concentrations
  • Produce healthier plants
  • Increase plant size
  • Double yields
  • Create tight, hard buds
  • Increase THC production


Of course, this might sound like it’s too good to be true, but Marijuana Booster provides all this
with a very scientifically sound process. They provide you with a Grow Booster that improves
the nutrient content in the soil and in the plant itself. You always need to maintain the right
balance of nutrients and Marijuana Booster gives you the perfect balance between all major and
minor nutrients. The program also gives you all of the following:

Even with a good fertilizer and nutrient solution, you still might have trouble growing the plants
without proper guidance. That’s why Marijuana Booster gives you this all of these things for
free. But most people will still be skeptical of the promise of double yields, increased THC, and
bigger, tighter buds. Here are a few testimonials that might help change your mind:

 “Since I use Marijuana Booster my harvest doubled. I advise all my clients to use it and
get nothing but positive comments. Thanks for this great product.” – Jason Creek, owner
of Creek Seeds

I’m on welfare and always sell a little marijuana for some extra money. Thanks to
Marijuana Booster® I just booked my first holiday in 10 years. It’s more than worth the
investment!” – Jack, California

“4 pounds from 10 plants – rock solid buds – best harvest ever!”

If these testimonials are any indication, then it’s clear that Marijuana Booster has exactly what it
takes to make a huge difference in your marijuana crop. If you’re looking for something to
increase your yields, improve your plants, and create big THC-laden buds, then you can’t go
wrong with Marijuana Booster.

Wax Liquidizer instructions NO Microwave Recipe

Published by Cannasseur Council

Easy 3 Step Wax Liquidizer Recipe:
Items Needed:
1-2g Wax or Cannabis Oil
Wax melter:
Infrared Temperature Gun:
Blunt Tip Needles:
Needle Tip Plastic Storage Bottle:
Organic vegetable glycerin:
Wax liquidizer:

Step 1.
Add 2ml of Wax Liquidizer, .5ml Vegetable glycerin and 1 gram of your favorite Wax or oil

EXTRA Potent Wax e Juice mix

Add 3ml of Wax Liquidizer, .5ml Vegetable glycerin and 2 gram of your favorite Wax or oil

Step 2.
Heat the mixture in a glass container on top of the Candle Warmer, make sure you stir and check often with your Infrared Temperature Gun. You’ll want to keep your mixture between 120-145 degrees fahrenheit to obtain an even, smooth consistency and preserve your terpenes.

Step 3.
Once your e juice mixture is a transparent amber Draw the beautifully-infused vape oil into the measuring syringe, add to your portable vaporizer and enjoy!

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