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The 420 social network - Devoted to Medical & Recreational Marijuana Patients. We felt as if cannabis enthusiast had no place to talk about their experiences, questions and more - so we created a Pothead social network - Free and open to everyone.  


Interactive Artificial intelligence Cannabis Expert WeedRobo. Ask WeedRobo any Marijuana question, Regarding Cannabis Seed Recommendations, Best Weed Strains, Marijuana Growing Tips and Tricks, and much more.   

Dab 4 Dab

Dab 4 Dab is the ultimate dating app that guarantees fun times and finding dab buddies and dates with ease. No matter if you want a casual hookup or funny relaxing chat, Dab 4 Dab will enable you the platform to find other smokers with ease.  

iFinesse Music

Finessing a wide variety of Underground 🎤Hip Hop music videos, mixtapes and exclusive 🎧audio tracks from around the world. New 📺Videos added daily. Stay tuned and Follow @iFinesseMusic   

Cannasseur Council

The Cannasseur Council is a collection of people who not only enjoy smoking cannabis but everything the culture brings with it! light up with the council!

Ratchet or Not

#1 source of Ratchet videos & urban media. Ratchet OR Not videos helps you decide if a situation is ratchet. capture, share and rate videos of ratchet situations


🔌 Connecting & educating the Cannabis community with both advanced 🤖 cyber and native smart-phone 📲 Applications on the latest Marijuana Trends and technologies.


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