How i Lowered my Type 2 diabetes blood sugar with Medical Marijuana Over Night

The majority of us have all heard the benefits of Medical Marijuana. It has helped many of those diagnosed with cancer by putting their symptoms at ease. Providing some with an appetite so they can eat, subdue their nausea from treatment. How about those that suffer from seizures and are now able to have a quality of life because of Medical Marijuana. 
Well, guess what, what would you think if I told you Medical Marijuana can help those with diabetes. Say what!? Yes, I know your probably thinking I’m crazy and have no clue what I’m writing about. I was a skeptic at first too. You see I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes back in 2013, It sucked I was actually in denial, the medication I was on at the time Metformin made leaving my house difficult. How so you ask? I spent most of my day on the toilet. So I was none compliant with my meds, I didn’t like the fact that my toilet was starting to be my new best friend.
As a mother of 2 children I realized that if I continued to not treat my diabetes, I would eventually miss out on their life. So I went back to the doctor and back on meds, different meds.  By now the tolls of uncontrolled diabetes had started to affect me, my feet hurt so bad, I was in constant pain and I could not sleep. I was given some CBD infused creme to rub on my feet for the pain. This creme was like magic my pain subsided and I was able to actually get more sleep. I then decided to research Medical Marijuana and diabetes which led me to several articles of research done on this very topic. Medical Marijuana can lower blood sugar levels.
So why not try something natural? I’ve already been trying these prescription drugs that just seem to give me more complications than when I started. Whats the worse that can happen, my blood sugar doesn’t go down? Then I’ll start back and find another treatment.   Now don’t go off your meds, because of my experience do your research, I’m not a physician or healthcare worker. I’m a diabetic patient fed up with corporate pharmaceutical companies and their pills making me sicker.
Now before you inhale, check out your state law,  The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis website gives an overview the particular laws in each state, here:
If you need a medical card this is the online service I used, fast and easy
Now, are you ready for my results? Taking a prescribed med in the am  30 minutes before my meal would result in fasting blood sugars of 212-238. Now some of you are probably thinking, “wow that’s still high” yep but not for me, you see my levels were 290 to 385, remember I said I was uncontrolled. So here is my research, my results from Medical Marijuana. After a day of my normal diet, which includes regular soda, don’t  judge me. No medications were taken. I smoked half a joint, which is my method of choice. My fasting blood sugar the next morning was 151, what the …?? I couldn’t believe it, I texted my mom, my blood sugar is 151!! its actually in the 100’s.
So let me explain why this was exciting for me. In the past, I had tested my sugars at 2:30 am (remember I couldn’t sleep) and they’d  be 212. Then when I would wake up again at 7:30 am my sugar would be 270, I would have spikes in the night while I slept, WTF? right? So getting a blood sugar of 151 was amazing for me. According to Murray Mittleman, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and the lead researcher, he told TIME magazine, “The most important finding is that current users of marijuana appeared to have better carbohydrate metabolism than nonusers. Their fasting insulin levels were lower, and they appeared to be less resistant to the insulin produced by their body to maintain a normal blood-sugar level,”   My fasting levels were much lower. Like I said before don’t stop all your medication, do your research.  Please check out a few of the articles I read. Stay healthy and hopefully a cure is on its way.