How to get bigger buds during flowering indoors | $KPD

As a patient in accordance with prop 215 and unfortunately living in a city that does not allow delivery or dispensaries and being that I have severe anxiety when I leave my house growing is my only option. I actually have to grow my allowed yield. Guess what? I had no clue where to start or what to do.  Have you ever tried growing?  Do you love growing? You’re going to laugh but I remember sitting in my office thinking,

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary

How does your garden grow?”

I started out by looking online for tips and tricks and a friend referred me to a grow bible which is a guide for growing and it was free so that was a plus for me, I mean who doesn’t like free. After reading this grow bible and referencing it quite often,  I started feeling like Mary because my garden was growing, but I had help and I’ll explain about that a little later.  Let’s first get started, with a few things you should know or need to  find out :

Your budget

Your grow space

With either a space in your house or a garden in your backyard, you can grow your own cannabis.  There are a few essentials that your cannabis plant will need to develop
  1. Water, cannabis like other plants need water in order to survive.
  2. Light, You will either be using grow lights or sunlight, however in order to get the best quality yields you need to understand the need of light.
  3. Temperature, obviously if you are growing outside in your garden it may be hard to control the temp. Just remember that if it’s too hot for you it’s likely too hot for your plant.
  4. Growing Medium, what will your plants be grown in? soil or cheap hydro kit or soilless mix.
  5. Air- Make sure your space is well ventilated with a slight breeze or inline fan with Carbon Filter.
  6. Nutrients – you can buy nutrients to help increase your yield with huge dense buds

Now remember I said I had some help with growing my cannabis, not only was the bible very helpful but I love giving my plants organic nutrients.  I used the flower power starter package. This helped increase yield. It provides adequate ratios of potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. It’s the perfect balance of necessary components for a great harvest. It also reduces soil erosion by protecting against the consumption of rain and sun. These nutrients will enhance the health of your plants by strengthening your root growth.

Now you can’t grow big buds indoors without kush seeds, so when I went looking for the right seeds, I wanted something fruity. Flavors are always great and it’s what I prefer, I went with the fruity Mixpack.  I’m not the only one that enjoys these seeds, Micheal Greenfingers wrote “Easy to grow. Had 100% germination, no issues, and beautiful plants. Heavy crop of well-formed buds which are dense and sticky. Smells like strawberry jam.”

One of the first things you need to figure out is your budget and if you are on a small budget you might want to look into the complete marijuana seed and grow set for beginners.  I have to recommend this set. It made growing my cannabis easy. If it wasn’t for this set I’d still be scratching my head wondering where do I begin.

Now that I gave you some basics as to where to begin and what you need, good luck, may you grow quality buds to your liking and be a future “Dr. Green thumb”.